Photo of two farmers, American Gothic Style

New American Gothic: Sugar Camp Farm

Sugar Camp Farm, Bon Aqua, TN, is this week’s featured American Gothic farmer photo.  Jesse Higginbotham and Lizzie Wright were great sports to take a break to pose for pictures on a hot August day, during their first summer of farming at Sugar Camp Farm.   The couple married in October of 2014, bought 78 acres and a […]

Get on Board for the PhotoSlam

  Saturday night (Nov 14) at the Main Street Gallery in East Nashville will be an event to remember.  Photography show meets Poetry Slam = #Bam a PhotoSLAM!. Photographers of all levels are invited to participate in the community event organized by Sheila Turner Projects and SNAP (Society of Nashville Artistic Photographers) It’s also the […]

Top Apps for Travel

Smartphones have definitely made some aspects of travel much easier, and there are tons of great ones out there. This list is a few of some favorite apps for international travel.  These are all available on the iTunes Store for Apple devices, and most of them have an Android equivalent. These are all free, unless otherwise noted. It […]

Choosing a Camera: Part 2

This Blog post is Part 2 of a series with advice on buying a camera. Choosing the Camera Brand:  For years, the answer has usually been “Nikon” or “Canon”.  I’ve always compared that choice to the Ford/Chevy or Mac/PC debate.   There are strong opinions  and valid reasons for choosing one over the other. For students […]

Saturday Night Lights

Saturday night at the fair.  Looking for a unique perspective on the iconic fair rides, I experimented with intentional blur and bokeh effects. I wanted the shapes and lines to be recognizable, since the shape of the wheel  is such an icon of summer fairs. The blur in these images is from manual “unfocus” and […]

Colors of Jamaica

Happy Jamaica Day! When I found out that today was Jamaica Day, I started daydreaming about last year’s trip to Jamaica.  Jamaica Day is a celebration of Jamaican culture, and citizens are encouraged to wear the national colors of green, gold and black.  That made me think of the colors of Jamaicas that I photographed […]

Color Story

I love color!  If you come to my house, you’ll see walls that are bright yellow, blue and red, turquoise kitchen cabinets, a green sunroom and lots of other colors sprinkled around to brighten things up.  I’ve always loved color, just ask my parents about the “primary colors and polka dot” decorating scheme that I […]

2012 in Review

Over this holiday break from teaching, I have been working to better integrate my blog and website.  I am also in the process of updating the galleries of images that are available on my website.  Images will now be available for instant image licensing for stock and editorial purposes, and print orders for fine art […]

Traveler or Tourist?

The Mayan culture has been getting a lot of attention lately.  Especially yesterday, 12/21/12, the day that the Mayan calendar ended.  The end of this calendar has been interpreted in a variety of ways, but that’s not what I’m going to write about. All this attention to the Mayans has made me think of the […]

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